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Association for the welfare of Persons with a Mental Handicap in Maharashtra

EIRP Centre Ghatkopar

Ghatkopar is a suburb connected by the central railway with an estimated population of over 6.2 lacs.

Traditionally Ghatkopar has had many labour colonies in the form of slums which have continued and expanded due to the construction boom in and around the Ghatkopar – Powai corridor.

Ghatkopar does not have any early intervention facility  for children with delayed milestones / disability catering to parents who cannot afford private consultation. To fulfil this need AWMH Maharashra has been operating an Early Intervention Center at Sarvodaya hospital for the last 27 years.

This year we have shifted out of Sarvodaya hospital and set up a more spacious and child-friendly early intervention center at Bhaveshwar Arcade Annexe, Nityanand Nagar.

The center is very well equipped, child-friendly and has facilities for Occupational, Speech, Behavioral and Cognition therapy. In addition the children are also assessed for their special needs by a psychologist. As is AWMH policy, we train parents to continue therapy at home and encourage regular attendance thru awareness building.

Effective social inclusion of children is also one of the highlights achieved by many celebrations and extra curricular activities involving the community.

The entire project at Ghatkopar is supported by the Dalal Family Foundation.

AWMH - EIRP Clinic (Ghatkopar)

106, Bhaveshwar Arcade Annexe, LBS Rd, Nityanand Nagar, GHatkoper (W), Mumbai 400086

Timings 10 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. (Mon-Fri)

Association for the welfare of Persons

with a Mental Handicap in Maharashtra