Association for the Welfare of Persons with a Mental Handicap in Maharashtra

Recreational Activity Club (RAC)

Started over two decades ago and approaching its silver jubilee, the RAC is an important service catering to adults with intellectual challenges in Mumbai.

When a person with intellectual challenges becomes an adult, his/her separation from the world of the typical persons in society becomes more pronounced. Such adults do not get may opportunities for recreation, enjoyment, leisure activities, making friends, etc, all of which are basic human needs as well as basic human rights of all individual. RAC fills this need.

The members meet every Saturday at the Villa Theresa School at the Kemp’s Corner.

It’s a friends’ hangout; it’s a happening place with a lot of fun; it’s also a place to console each other in sensitive times of sadness (e.g. a member’s close relative’s demise)

it’s a place where they do fun activities like yoga, exercises, sports, painting, craft, etc, celebrate each other’s birthdays and festivals, chat or sing or dance; it’s a place where can play whatever games they choose to, express themselves freely, be themselves, find’s one’s own voice, take a step or two towards self-advocacy.

The club members also go for outings - visiting parks and beach, the Ganapati pandals and the Kala Ghoda festival, restaurants and boat party, one-day picnics and longer overnight trips. They bond with each other over years and these bonds add a great meaning to their lives – just as they would to any of us !

Do visit us, volunteer and / or donate, send someone who you know will find this useful – You are always welcome!

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Association for the Welfare of Persons

with a Mental Handicap in Maharashtra