Association for the Welfare of Persons with a Mental Handicap in Maharashtra

Persons with intellectual disability generally lead a sedentary life. However studies reveal that if sports and physical activity is made available, improvements in their quality of life, including self-confidence is remarkable.  AWMH Maharashtra has always encouraged sports in the special schools in Maharashtra.

Weekend classes

At its Sports and Coaching Center, well-acclaimed professional coaches conduct week-end classes where members (with intellectual disability) are coached in cricket, basket ball, volley-ball, skating, throw-ball and table-tennis.

All Maharashtra Tournaments in Cricket and Table Tennis

Every year, AWMH conducts the All Maharashtra Tournaments in Cricket and Table-Tennis. Around 400 children with intellectual disability from Special schools across the state participate in these events. AWMH arranges for the accommodation, food and transport to and from the venue, of all participating children and their coaches from schools outside Mumbai.

Ability grouping

To ensure that the tournaments are played among equals, participants are grouped based on their ability, and teams are drawn accordingly. Rules of the matches are also customized to the players’ ability.


The accent here is on expression of joy through participation, and every participating student is awarded with a certificate and a medal. He/she is also given a track-pant, T shirt and a cap.

The Winners, runner-up and second runner-up are of course awarded with a cash prize, medal and certificate designed to thrill and send home the gifts of self-confidence and achievement

While the tournaments are designed to decide winners, every match promises to raise the quotient of self-confidence and the feeling of a game well-played, in the heart of every participating child! It is a treat to watch every participating player return with a broad smile and self-confidence multiplied several times

Encouraging Sports in Special Schools

AWMH strives to encourage sports in the Special schools of Maharashtra. Every year, a Sports kit is  presented to two deserving special schools. The kit contains 4 volley-balls, 4 throw-balls, 4 badminton rackets, 10 badminton shuttle-cocks, 8 Table tennis rackets, 12 Table tennis balls, 2 cricket bats, 12 tennis balls, 4 sets of cricket stumps.

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